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Was Brexit About Tax Avoidance?

Several years ago I published an article “Is Brexit Really About Tax Avoidance?”, and it’s probably about time to revisit the topic, in...

Byline Times Fact Checked!

This article will be fairly short. I have written previously about the absurdity of finding individual investments with Somerset Capital...

Can you trust Politax?

There is no mistaking this is a Brexit leaning, Conservative leaning blog. However, I value my reputation especially in relation to...

Why I voted to leave the EU

[This piece, in substance, was written in January 2019] A remain supporter has asked why I am pro-Brexit. Whether it was a genuine...

Why doesn’t Jacob Rees-Mogg pay tax?

Politax Guarantee A common accusation is made on Twitter that Jacob Rees-Mogg doesn’t pay UK tax, which understandably causes some...

Rejoice, Brexiteers, Rejoice!

Last night was a seismic, irreversible, shift in British politics. The “Europe” question which has dogged the Conservative Party for...

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