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Does Angela Rayner owe CGT?

I’m going to try to steer away from tittle tattle here and just explain what the Private Residence Relief (PRR) rules are, and what they...

Let's talk about queues!

Politax Opinion. I’m more than happy for people to look into the queues at Dover and find out if it’s caused by Brexit and the stamping...

Was Brexit About Tax Avoidance?

Several years ago I published an article “Is Brexit Really About Tax Avoidance?”, and it’s probably about time to revisit the topic, in...

Byline Times Fact Checked!

This article will be fairly short. I have written previously about the absurdity of finding individual investments with Somerset Capital...

Can you trust Politax?

There is no mistaking this is a Brexit leaning, Conservative leaning blog. However, I value my reputation especially in relation to...

Why I voted to leave the EU

[This piece, in substance, was written in January 2019] A remain supporter has asked why I am pro-Brexit. Whether it was a genuine...

Why doesn’t Jacob Rees-Mogg pay tax?

Politax Guarantee A common accusation is made on Twitter that Jacob Rees-Mogg doesn’t pay UK tax, which understandably causes some...

Rejoice, Brexiteers, Rejoice!

Last night was a seismic, irreversible, shift in British politics. The “Europe” question which has dogged the Conservative Party for...

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